Stanislaw Baj - Skarpa nad Bugiem, 1999, oil on canvasStanislaw Baj - The Bug river, oil on canvasRzeka Bug bez tytulu olej na plotnie 66x1001 73x1002 60x1003 60x1004 60x1005 50x1006 40x1207 40x100

Stanisław Baj

He was born in 1953 in the village of Dołhobrody in Polesia. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, from which he graduated with distinction in 1978 under the supervision of professor Ludwik Maciąg. He runs a drawing studio at the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at the European Academy of Arts. In the years 1975-2008, the artist realized more than fifty individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Germany, Greece, Russia, Canada, he also participated in more than one hundred collective exhibitions. He lives in Warsaw and in Polesia. His works can be seen in collections of Polish museums, as well as private national and international collections.

Stanisław Baj’s works are, first of all, two different spheres of painting: portrait and landscape. Portraits of Polish peasants with their tired, suntanned faces and distinct features are full of psychological observation and reverie. The artist, with master’s passion in rendering the "rough-hewn" realism of the figures, creates a unique image of the Polish peasant, who left for good with the whole sphere of his culture. Stanisław Baj’s mother has a special place in his works, not only as a figure immortalized in dozens of portraits, but as someone who is the most important, the closest, unique and beautiful in her modesty.

Stanisław Baj’s landscapes show Bug, a river which changes its mood depending not only on the time of year and day, but also on the artist’s state of mind. Its wildness provokes the painter to cope with it and its eternal, often gloomy image, from which the master obtains something more human and friendly.

A less well-known part of Stanisław Baj’s works is sacred painting, which can be admired in many Polish churches and monasteries. Stanisław Baj’s works were also appreciated by Pope John Paul II, who honored the artist with the Bene Merenti medal. Stanisław Baj’s works are discussed by many famous art historians and experts in the area, his painting is well known and recognizable in Poland and abroad, but only the closest people know Stanisław Baj as a human, and they unanimously perceive him as a modest and great artist.

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